iB Hubs Super 30 — The Selection Story

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With iB Hubs Super 30, we set out to honour 30 most inspiring teachers from across India.

We knew that there are many great teachers who have been working towards the betterment of the nation. We strongly believed that the valuable contributions of all these teachers deserve to be known to the world.

As the nominations kept pouring in, we were amazed, day after day, to know about the inspiring work of so many great teachers. While some stories filled us with inspiration, some moved us to tears. We were overwhelmed by the gratitude that so many people from all over the country felt for their teachers. With over 30,000 nominations, India has proved once again how much we respect and love our teachers.

It was great to know about the wonderful stories of all these teachers. But the real challenge began when we had to identify the 30 teachers for iB Hubs Super 30. Every great teacher is special and there was no way one teacher could be compared with another.

According to us, everyone is a super teacher as all of them have inspired and encouraged their students to strive for greatness and helped them achieve great heights. So, we decided to create criteria based on an INCLUSIVE APPROACH.

For iB Hubs Super 30, we have selected a teacher from every part of the country. That includes teachers from rural and urban areas too. Adding to this, we have also considered the successes of the teachers and their students. We looked at the impact that the teachers have created in the society. We have also kept in mind to have a representation from every institution: primary school, secondary school, and university.

This approach was chosen to ensure that young minds across India can find a role model from all sections of the society. iB Hubs Super 30 is not limited to just these 30 teachers alone. In fact, these 30 super teachers represent hundreds of other teachers like them who are relentlessly working towards building the nation.

It takes a special person to be a TEACHER. It takes hard work, determination, and above all, a passion to build the future of the nation. To all the teachers out there, we salute you for the relentless efforts you are putting in to the betterment of our society, and we deem it a privilege to honour all the inspiring teachers from across India.

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